Desktop Backgrounds.


These are some big pictures that can be put on your desktop as a background in order to send your day into gleeful turmoil before it has even started, courtesy of me. Click the Thumbnail. Save the image. Then go to your desktop. Then right click and go to Properties. Select the Desktop tab. Click Browse. Find the image. Either stretch the image, or center it and pick a color that you like to fill up the rest of the space. You can do it.

The trademark DeadKitty logo. It's real nice. Recommended: Stretch

Beating Up a Kid. Depicts a guy beating up a kid. Recommended: Stretch

Dog. Recommended: Centered on white

Kitty on the Couch. Recommended:  Centered on white

A nice beach scene. I made that. Why am I not paid...Recommended: Stretched or Centered with any color.

A threatening potato, same old kitty, and a rocket head. Recommended: Stretch

The 4 Kids Glossy. Recommended: Stretched or Centered on white

Large scene of madness including flying sheep and relaxing radios. Recommended: Stretch



(c) Jaron 2006