Here on this page live many good bands of the world. I'm going to say good things about them.

-Modest Mouse-If they made Modest Mouse body wash, I would take showers every 7 minutes.

-They Might Be Giants-They focus on quality. They define quality. They make me say "zing."

-King Missile-Not everyone's type of music. If you don't like being cool, then you probably wouldn't like King Missile.

-Franz Ferdinand-They make me spin and see glad people. Usually I'd hate that but they do it in a good fashion.

-Bullet for my Valentine-Hard, heavy rock metal type. For some reason I've a new love for that kind of music.

-Death From Above 1979-I discovered them recently after my brother dumped a good 100 or so CDs into my possession and I combed through them. These people are the things that make grass grow and animals eat each other.

-OK Go-If the mower was called "OK Go lawn Maintenance Machine" then the grass would never see the days of 'above one inch'

-Aiden-More hard heavy rock. They're the burnt frosting atop a cornbread muffin.

-Pet Shop Boys-90's techno. A+

-Gorillaz-I think they've covered every genre created, making each one 70% more not bad. I used to build with legos to the magic rocking of gorillaz.

-The Thrills-They love Earth. They're like a happy version of Interpol.

-Interpol-Dark lyrics, simple songs, catchy catchy.

-Daft Punk-They give me that feeling of successfully swing over the alligator pit.

-The Vines-I think about their albums in times of despair.

-Ween- Marijuana+guitars+greatness+4 cucumbers=ween.

-Pixies-My band plays some songs by them. Frank Black is ugly though.

-System of a Down-I never listened to these people because I just assumed it was music for goths since the only time I saw the name, it was plastered across the pale chest of a falsely sad gothic boy. But I don't know why they wear their shirts, because they are prime corn.

-Presidents of the United States of America-swingy chingy... Interpret that as you will

-The Evens- No one knows about them. Those people are missing out on some dandy tunes.

-The Flaming Lips-Their music is like drinking cinnamon

-XTC-I don't know what 'swanky' means, but I think that is how I will describe them.

-Geggy Tah- wide amount of goodness.

-The Hives-Somewhere between system of a down and the vines lives The Hives.

-Of Montreal- Weird, enigmatic, and flowy, I guess.

-The White Stripes-Zebras are my favorite animal because of them.


Am I missing some people? No. But if you have somebody who might belong on here...tell me about them.