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Saturday July 1. 2006. 10:14pm

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So I'm not so much of a fan of forgetting the qualities of night to pointlessly wander about in the daytime. Basically, I like to divy up my hours of activity up a little bit. For the past two days i've been going to bed at around 10am and then waking up around 6 or 8pm. It's much better. See, because i like the morning. So crisp and fresh and clean and good. Then i can sleep during the main hellness of the day and then arise just in time to see it sink back down for an evening tea with satan. So then i stay up and work on things during the night and then enjoy the morning then sleep then repeat. Things are much more exciting at night. Such as late night with Conan O'brien. Every time i post here it becomes more and more like a web log instead of an update on website changes. who cares. I do what i please. get dead. I might just make a little weblog of typing for 12 minutes of whatever passes through my mind. Yes, i intentionally refuse to say 'blog'. bah.
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