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Sunday June 18th. 2006. 2:59am

The Latest

Somehow I went from 40 visitors to 80 in one day. Yeah, getting really popular these days. Haven't updated in a while...Haven't thought of anything to write about. My dad and I are working on a website for school bands that will sell instruments and accessories as well as offer information on things like fundraising or cleaning instructions for instruments, etc. Keith, my dad's employee, got a new computer so I'm now stuck on the wall looking at nothing. When school starts up it will annoying every time I'm trying to listen to music while supposedly doing homework, they see the screen first thing when walking into the room. If you play an instrument, tell me what products you use to keep it happy. Xraylemur.


Sunday June 4th. 2006. 2:00 am

The Latest

Guestbook still doesn't work. Rocking a good solid 36 visitors these days. Don't know who. Night time is a lot better than day. It's hot. Can't wait for winter to roll back around sometime soon...I got Stadium Arcadium today. It's good. Get it. My current band, Tina, is dying this summer due to the guitarist going to college. So i'm making one with my friends Chris and Aaron. Next Tuesday we're coming to my house and going to get started. We'll see how that turns out. I wrote an awesome song today. Nothing going on.


Thursday. May 25th. 2006. 6:56pm.

The Latest

Lately I've had my website on a banner exposure site, but it's not doing much for me, so i think i'll quit it. The guestbook isn't working out either, so i'm making my own. It will be pretty simple, but customizable. Not much is happening. School is out in 2 weeks, which means i'll update a lot, because i just know there are so many people checking in on my progress everyday in case i've left another little present for them. Check the articles a lot. I do stuff there.
Who knew you could do things simply by looking for help online. I now have my own guestbook that i made myself thanks to an online tutorial. Feel free to write something in it. I made a whamola. Read about in Articles.

I killed the guestbook again. Apparently i have no frontpage extensions. It's real simple again, but it works..


Friday. May 5th. 2006. 10:40pm.

The Latest

I put a free counter on the page the other day. So for I've had a rocking 8 visitors. A long time ago I got like....24 per week average. But they were all soon-to-be-baffled acquaintances of my dad. Apparently, my website was amazing for a 10 year old, and he told them all to go to my website. Weird. I used to have a guestbook. I might get it again. Maybe not. I still haven't found a theme for the site yet. Besides themeless. I like that one. I'm going to add a page with news and things on my band life. Who knows why. Here I go. Also, I added a free guestbook to the nice orderly table. As always with free things, it has ads, though it advertises that it doesn't. Feel free to find a free, full personal guestbook for me. Do it.


Monday. April 14. 2006. 10:23pm.

What's happening right now.

Lately I've been doing some more on the site, though I'm sure no one is around to enjoy it. I started an Articles page where I'll probably just type up stuff whenever I feel like wasting some good old time. Something more personal, me and father dear are building an aviary for parakeets in which we will house and breed the little monsters and perhaps sell them to children and old blind people to kill in six days after forgetting to feed them. I wrote about my aviary experiences on the Articles page. Go check it about. I have a few pictures that are so huge I can make them into backgrounds for desktops. Make your desktop the coolest with a possibly custom made Planet Jaron desktop!!!!!!! giggle?


Monday. April 10. 2006. 10:23pm.
Able to Update
Ta-da. Today was the day that father at last came in after my "hey...how do I update this thing." So today should be there first official post that isn't just a sad reminder to a non-existent audience that i am still unable to update. Apparently, i am now on the 'small server,' but i don't know what that means. I'm probably going to change a few things. I am going to change a few things. I changed a few things. No idea what to make of this town. Make it up as I go.


Tuesday. December 20th. 2005. 2:33am.
New things.
I'm beginning to try to attempt to drag this dusty old forgotten website from its young grave in order to insert whatever i feel like into it. I made it a long time ago back when my dad encouraged us having websites so we could experiment with hem and someday manipulate their internet powers into product-selling machines. So i have it. And i used to think "planetjaron" was an okay domain name. Now i don't feel so glad about it. I'll get over it though. I know the format sucks right now, but maybe, just maybe one day something can be made of this site. But for now, just click the clickable things on the front page.