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Summer Time   


 Summer sucks. I hate people who love the sun and hot weather, or "warm" as they force themselves to believe. There are so few things good about summer. Here is a list.

-No school, everyone loves that
-3 a.m. becomes an option for being awake and happy
-Not having to wake up

After No School, i stared at the screen for a good minute and 12 seconds trying to think of something...But then it occurred me it was currently 1:34am and i was glad about it and then wrote about it. Summer sucks. Nothing about being hot is appetizing or appealing. At least in winter you can warm up. But in summer you're either hot or more hot. Yes, air conditioning is a modern convenience, but money is not always floating about to make you comfortable. Most likely because you have kids. Kids suck. Now for the list of bad things in summer.

-It's hot
-It only gets hotter
-You are enjoying a summer dusk, having a good time only to realize you hate bugs more than anything
-Plant life is relentless
-It doesn't get dark until 8
-There's nothing to do.
-Everyone goes somewhere but you
-When you go somewhere it's hot there too
-Things that bite come out to do what they do best
-It's hot
-Play time with the dog is cut short by finding it's flesh a night club for ticks
-Sharp weeds always find their way to your skin
-grass feels bad
-The day time is apparently father's idea of a great time for working
-You have nothing to do so yardwork is somehow dumped in your lap
-When you get in your car, it has been gathering up more of what you hate and releases it all at once in your face just by opening the door.
-Pavement and bare feet which somehow come in contact too often is impossible
-It's so hot

Man, summer sucks. I especially hate how everyone wants to do things out there at like 2pm, mistaking it for the prime time of the day instead of being the worst, along with all its other cousins, 9am through 8pm. And so i go to the picnic, try to enjoy myself, have a good time, maybe relax with a quick grass rest. The grass feels awful and there are things crawling through it. Cant set my drink down. Next time i go to wet my cracking, dry whistle i'm met with a little club of dirt covered 6-legged fauna failures. I hate drinking a drink and you're taking those last few sips, tipping it up just a tad to let gravity do it's thing. Looking down into the depths of your drink, your eyes fall upon Captain Cricket, sailor of the Sierra Mist sea. Bah. Sometimes i convince myself that one good part about summer is the night. Yes, it's slightly cooler and much darker but before i even close the door behind me, my lungs fill up with gnats and mosquitoes and all of the moths covering up 80% of the light i mistakenly turned on see my eyes as pools of everlasting joy. So i stagger back inside as bats and such take care of what creatures decided not to suffocate me. Bats are cool. Snakes aren't. Summer means snakes. What a stupid animal. And spiders. I hate spiders. I'm not afraid of them, i just don't like how they look. Kind of like pregnant people. I hate summer. Where did winter go... I love you winter.

Summer sucks.