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Lately after seeing multiple videos on youtube and whatnot, it makes me realize how there must be some certain gene that makes you able to not overreact to a camera. After seeing so many mediocre feeds of people's lives, it encourages me to jump on the bandwagon. The problem with making movies is that people act differently when they know someone might be evaluating their character through the square portal to the lands of windows media player. Of course, you'll act differently and give your actions a bit more thought before executing them, but some people just can't do it. What i want to do is just film me and my two friends in a room talking about what ever comes up in an improvisational, presumably comical display of our ideas. But i'm sure one of us would decide on an character different from their own to portray to whoever may watch it. That's what makes funny improvisation. Not deciding on what you'll be doing or saying. Going with the flowing. However sometimes that doesn't work out and everyone just sits quietly in their chairs until someone decides that they should pull the cliché 'ice-breaking' mention of some sports team. Can't stand that one. Something I want to do is buy a relatively cheap, okay-quality digital hand held video camera. Last time i was with my friends we thought we should tape a camera to the top of our neighbor's golf cart as we drove it about. Acting my age isn't really what i'm about. I speak of 'buying' as if i have an income, or more than two dollars to my poor, humble name. But i will pretty soon. Hopefully i'll work in a drum store in addition to the bandroom website. I think i'd be good at directing. But i don't really want to do feature movies. I figure i'll direct commercials and music videos. Mainly because i'm tired of seeing commercials and music videos that aim for a goal and completely fall short of the target. That's where i come in. With jaron, your ideal missile will hit the bullseye of perfection in no time. bing. So yeah, videos would be better if the appearances were spontaneous and natural instead of being subdued to when it seemed like the right time. I don't know what i'm talking about. yeh.