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Music Downloads    

    Everyone hears the craze about people downloading their favorite songs from the internet for absolutely nothing. Unless I am mistaken, Napster was shut down for related violations. Since then, people have turned to Lime Wire and whatnot to appease their musical desires. I am very opposed to this. However, I will most likely take advantage of it until it is illegalized. I think the artist is getting cheated out of money when someone simply downloads their music, perhaps their whole album, from the web. There are so many good bands in the world today, and so few of us have extra money lazily dancing around their corridors. Many CDs cost as much as 19 dollars at release. I might like that band, but not that much. I don't have any practice with the dispersal and selling of records, but surely it doesn't take too much to construct a CD and plastic case for it. In fact, I think the music world would get a raise if they lowered prices for their music, and I will build a diagram now.

Music=$18= :( = 2 CDs

Music=$7= :) = 6 CDs +

Everything is cleared up for me, what about you? I've seen old albums that have been out for a while that cost as low as $4. Why can't they be that low at release time? I understand that more people will buy at release time, especially the wealthy ones. They love the CDs, want to bathe in them, but it's okay, father will foot the bill.

Again, I'm quite against free music downloads, but until music is cheaper or its illegalization is enforced, I might occasionally 'sample' some music I like. There should be more gift-giving occasions so I can reap more winnings from the people I know, hoping that those winnings will be good music.