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I've pretty much just made these over the years...so...some might be fascinating where some may be lacking in the areas of cool. It's just a collection, not a museum...I want a museum.

I use this picture in a number of other Pictures also.

This is what my cat looked like before he died.

Pretty straight forward on this one...

White people don't have corn rows, of course.

   I don't even know myself.

Yes. That would be a blue sphere.

This looks like some Windows Program logo.

I made this when I was experimenting with colors...The orange in it is really red and yellow pixels...I just put a cat face in it for entertainment...But i must say, I'm not very entertained...


P. Longstocking in a whole new degree of perspective

Death of Sir Obvious Gradient

Another experimenting...Yellow shine with a dog face for some laughs. I hate you, you ugly dog.

This is me on any given day. Apparently my bass drum has a diameter of a good 50 or so inches...

Eric the Bat tried to kill my family. Don't trust him.


This is the first fish I would go after with a harpoon if I go ever go fishing.

Almost a tribute to the whale...More of a reminder.

Walk down it and you find a solid gold baby.

Eleven green noodles...Please don't waste your time counting...

One green noodle; feel free to count

The green file cabinet of constant torment...or is it kittens... Constant kittens.

"Shwing!" The sound of MS Paint shine.

This picture sucks. I couldn't find room for that one last knob...

A portrait of my chewing gum once i was all finished with it. He said that.

An ad for my church...They were expecting a nice portrair of a church going basket ball...and I come in with that ugly old man.

How nice...it should die...

I named this man Hustace...Because...Why not?

That sun is about to fall on Mr. Panda over there. (Pandas only have right hands, apparently)

Jewish Joey

Me as a child. I've moved on, though. I target foxes now.

When I am bored, I...

  I love how the teeth are put into 3-d perspective like everything else

I would want this guy to serve my table at the local Holiday Inn.

Feel free to take a wild guess at what I did.

...Olive Man.

I had to make this for my church...Pure genius.


This happened to my brother

I have no clue as to what that thing on the right is.


Not my idea. My friend made a picture like this...I don't know...maybe he thought it was funny...but I took it and made it better with my skills just to make him angry.


I think i tried to step on something like this when I was little.


two green noodles

...I'm snazzy.

Space Monkey.

like every Mexican primate, this one does not come without a golden tooth.

Some more graphical fun.

I don't what is going on in this scene, but it gives me a giggle.

These are some multi-colored stick men i guess.

This is where my dog is buried...In that hole right there.

Last time i was driving, i aimed for this creature.

Turn it up?

Watch "Evil" by Interpol...

My albino Jail Cell...5 white noodles

One yellow noodle

Okay, I guess we're done.


(c)PlanetJaron 2006